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 Missing Timing

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PostSubject: Missing Timing    Missing Timing  EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 5:44 am

Cards that say "When... ,you can..." are able to miis timing. Typical examples of cards that miss timing are:
- Peten, the Dark Clown
- Lightpulsar Dragon
- Naturia Cliff

Here's an example for how either of these cards misses timing:

Player A has a face-up "Naturia Cliff", and a "Naturia Bamboo Shoot" in his hand. He Tribute Summons "Naturia Bamboo Shoot" by Tributing his face-up "Naturia Cliff". You would say, that "Naturia Cliff" starts a new chain, and Special Summons a level 4 or lower "Naturia" Monster from your deck, but he can't.
This is, because the last thing to have happened was Bamboo Shoot being Summoned. And "When..., you can..." cards need to be the last thing to happen. For example, when it's destroyed by "Torrential Tribute", the last thing that happened was Cliff being sent to the Graveyard.
However, when it's tributed for Bamboo Shoot, first Cliff goes to the Graveyard, then Bamboo Shoot is Summoned, so it's not the last thing to have happened.

These "When..., you can" Effects have to be the last thing to happen in a chain, otherwise they will miss timing.
Also Spell and Traps can miss timing, but the only one I'm known with at the moment is "Geartown"

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Missing Timing
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