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Geargia Overload 5-2810
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 Geargia Overload

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Geargia Overload Empty
PostSubject: Geargia Overload   Geargia Overload EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 12:25 pm

The main point is to bring out as many High atk Machine Beaters as you can while eventually leading into a giant 4000 beater that can attack 5 times.
Happens, no joke

CyDra x3
Veiler x3
Accel x3
Geargiano x3
Geargiano MK-II x2
Armor x3
Arsenal x3
Fortress x2
Gearframe x1
Lance x1
Future Fuse x1
Heavy Storm
Limiter Removal x1
MST x3
Overload Fuse x2
Bottomless x2
Torrential x2
Dark Bribe x2
Solemn J.

Extra Deck and Side deck are more or less up to your imagination but here's some staples I would use for the extra
Chimeratech Fortress x1
Chimeratech OverDragon x2
Geargianto X x2

Geargianto lets you search for most of the cards you would need, liike Gearframe or MK-II if you want fortress or a rank 3.
You have 2 overloads so havine 2 Overdragons is a good idea.
You never know when machines pop up or if your going to have enough monsters out to mkae a big beater so Fortress is a good idea too.

This is more or less something I just threw together when I had a idea it is untested. If there are cards you thin I should add please post them, along with your thoughts on the deck.
I will add a play guide for it a bit later once it is tested along with an updated decklist.
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Geargia Overload
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