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new dorm changes: everyone will now be in the Hermos Pawn dorm more on that soon
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 Dragon's Scales

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PostSubject: Dragon's Scales   Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:18 pm

What are Dragon Scales?

Dragon Scales (DS) are simply D.Lords Academys "currency".

How do you use DS?

You use DS to move up in dorms. See the "Advancement Exam" post for more information on this.

How do I gain DS?

You gain DS when you first enter this academy and are placed into a dorm after being tested in the Entrance Exam. Based on your dorm level/placement you have the following DS when you start:

Gusto Dorm: 150 DS

Ice Barrier Dorm: 500 DS

Jurrac Dorm: 1000 DS

Gem-Knight Dorm: 3000 DS

You can increase your starting DS by dueling in Challenge Duels or Gamble duels. See the "Dragon Scale Point Challenge System" post for the amount of DS you can get if you win in a challenge match. Remember that you will not lose DS if you lose in a challenge duel, only your opponent will gain. However, if you make a gamble duel post you will lose DS if you lose the match.

Enjoy your stay at the academy!
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Dragon's Scales
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