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 Dragon Colosseum Rules

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PostSubject: Dragon Colosseum Rules   Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:21 pm

This is where u put ur deck to the the test to earn Dragon Scales(DS)
These are the rules to be followed to get ur points after winning

1) You must agree to the duel before hand before posting a duel

2) After u post the Duelist must commence with the Duel in a timely fasion 3 Days tops are no points will be givin out

3) Each player must declare the winner

4) (for Admins) most confirm match then give points so double points arnt added

Last edited by Dueling_master on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:31 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Colosseum Rules   Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:35 pm

dats a gud idea but da points thing if u use meta and say u can win 20 u only get 10 but if u lose den u get 40
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Colosseum Rules   Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:17 am

These rules need some work.

Rule 1 seems like unnecessary work, providing only an extra hassle two players who wish to duel must go through.

Rule 3 doesn't really have a problem, but it seems unnecessary, considering that each dorm already has a specific color by which it can be recognized. In the case of staff, it makes sense, but otherwise it seems like it could be left out.

Rule 4 leaves a lot of potential for abuse. A losing player could refuse to confirm, and there would be nothing the winner could do. In my opinion, the solution to this would be to allow screenshots, but the staff or another member may have a better idea.

Rule 5 seems like an unnecessary intrusion. Some would like to keep a degree of privacy regarding what decks they use, and how often.

I disagree with the "All decks are allowed." rule. Players should be allowed to set their own terms. If they want to play TCG-only, or ban Chain Burn, I see no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to.

As one who hates the current meta (a hypocritical one, in that I find Hero Gemini very fun to use, but still), I find the rules regarding meta insulting to players who deviate from the standard. There is no denying that playing meta is the most likely way to win. Otherwise it wouldn't be meta. However, it is an understatement to say that many other decks can more than hold their own. These rules seem to be implying that they deserve the penalties because they are obtaining such a huge advantage over their opponent. This is not so. If the deck of their opponent is any good at all, the two can be considered on fairly even ground.

Also, meta has its merits, as a certain prominent forum's nekfjung points out [Only admins are allowed to see this link], along with its drawbacks.

With penalties like these, no one will play the meta. The meta more or less decides how the game will be played at any given time. Even if a player is not playing meta, or any direct form of anti-meta, they will consider the meta as they build their deck. With the meta eliminated, the Dragon Colosseum will be a fairly different game from normal Yugioh, and while that would make a great idea for a tournament or event, the arena for normal play should not deviate so wildly from how people usually play. Additionally, even if you eliminate the meta, the new format will create its own meta, and we'll be no better off than before.

On the positive side, rule 2 isa good idea if you decide to let rule 1 remain. It doesn't make much sense to have people post months in advance. I apologize for the lack of more positive comments, and my deteriorating coherency of thought, as it is getting late here and I'm really too tired to be writing a long post like this.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Colosseum Rules   Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:14 am

My wall of text still outsizes yours (hint for mrbiff)

but yeah, I think it's just for securing, even tho posting the decks really doesn't make sense, considering you intended to have Deckshops, Master...
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Colosseum Rules   

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Dragon Colosseum Rules
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