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PostSubject: Kuriboh Chaos   Kuriboh Chaos EmptyWed Aug 22, 2012 10:52 am

Kuriboh is that loveable fluffball that saves you from damage. With flute of summoning kuriboh (FoSK) you can summon a kuriboh or add one to your hand (can be of the winged variety). Thanks to Winged and Normal being level ones AND different types you can splash them into chaos without screwing anything up. In my experience this deck is actually faster than a lightsworn chaos, just because you can do stuff right from the get go. Also with FoSK you can make Caius plays, battle fader type plays and synch into formula synchron really easily.

Heres the build:

Kuriboh Chaos XuQtS

The main tuners here are Genex Ally and Veiler. Thats right I use veiler as a tuner. In fact I probably do that more than if I use it for its effect. Unless my opponent is using an effect that I really don't want them to use like going into a Wind-Up loop or bringing out BLS or something then I won't use it. That or if I can set up a chaos play with it.

As for Birdman I usually use it on tourguide or kuriboh to go into armory, gravity or a rank 3. With TGU at 2 I'm considering dropping them for 2 Gravekeeper spies and a descendant, or even siding them on malefic skill drain along with my royal decrees, if I see them drop a necrovalley on me. Having those 3 cards open up rank 4 options and more arcanite plays so I'd take out my rank 3's for some rank 4's and probably another Arcanite and R-Locomotion. Not really sure yet.

As for my spell line up I have a fairly mainstream set-up the 3 staples an Allure 3 MSTs and one for one. I'm considering adding a pot of avarice but I don't know with my focus on banishing the cards I have in grave, most of the time I have less than 5 sao I'm worried it'll become a dead draw.

My trap line-up is a bit weird though. Instead of Bottomless I run safe zone, mostly to punish those people who use too much spell control, which in this meta is everybody. Call grabs basically all of my trump cards, or sets up more plays so it works in this deck, I don't rely on it too much so solemn and bottomless are more or less wasted. Starlight road because everyone runs heavy storm and dark hole and I run continuous cards that just sit there after use. Mirror force because it helps, though to be honest I have never actually drawn this card. Ever. It kinda bugs me. Torrential because I can FoSK into a winged kuriboh after they're done summoning and kill everything, I'm probably going to swap mirror force for another torrential, just because it's so much fun to do.

As for my Boss monsters I have the obvious ones Chaos Sorcerer (at one cause of the ban list) and BLS then I run 2 Lightpulsar. Why lightpulsar when thats my only dragon? Well first off its got 2500 atk big enough to kill most things this meta, then it has its second effect which summons it from the grave and sets up another chaos play, this is even easier to set up thanks to FoSK. Then we have the fact that it is level 6 and can be normal summoned. This make FoSK even better as well as veiler. DAD is easy to pull off and Gorz usually sees play when it in my hand. Even if its just as a cost for Lightpulsar or One for One.

My side deck I'm still working on but those are mostly personal preference things. Extra deck is close to being the final product. Sacred Wyvern can win games but only if you get a head start, it also punishes those decks that give you life points by turning into a giant beatstick, I've gotten this guy up to 12000+ before and it kinda scares people. Arcanite is for Chaos Sorcerer, synch with him and veiler and you get to pop 3 instead of just 1. Black rose is for comebacks and sometimes it does help. Formula lets me draw and is my level 2 tuner, sometimes I can go into Shooting star. 2 Zenmaines because thats what I usually go into then there's Temtempo to take out zenmianes or utopia or any other xyz monster.

All in all this deck is really good, I've taken out Rabbit, Inzektors, Wind-Ups and Malefic Skill Drain with it. Even though Skill drain is this decks worst enemy and I lose to it so much I decided to side 3 Royal Decrees.

Every card in the deck has multiple uses wheather its synchro fodder, tribute fodder or whatever. What I'm trying to say is that almost every card in every deck has more than one use, a lot of people don't see it that way. Veiler being the prime example, mostly people only use it for the effect but it is a tuner. So on that note try to find new ways to use cards you already have in your deck. Do that and you'll be a better duelist for it.

That's all,

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Kuriboh Chaos
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